We've reinvented parcel delivery.
Parcel Shuttle uses digital technology at its highest level. Our mission: happy drivers, less traffic, and better air quality in cities.
Our customers? The drivers.

Our customers? The drivers.

Working as a Parcel Shuttle Driver is easy, convenient, and safe. You're properly employed and insured. Yet, you’re super flexible and can plan your shifts just as you like.
Smart Microgrid Delivery. Here’s how it works…

Smart Microgrid Delivery. Here’s how it works…

When cities are struggling with more and more traffic and logistics is a part of the problem — then parcel delivery needs to be reconsidered. That's why we invented "Smart Microgrid Delivery" (SMGD), a completely new delivery method for parcels. The idea behind the concept: Our low-emission vehicles are located in the same microgrid (i.e., city district) as the homes of the drivers and recipients. This way, we can reduce the number of last-mile kilometers per parcel by over 50%. And that not only helps our Parcel Shuttle Drivers but also the environment.
Digital technology at the highest level

Digital technology at the highest level

Focusing on the drivers, reducing inner-city traffic, and making money at the same time — how does that work? Our answer: with digital technology. We provide our Parcel Shuttle Drivers with custom-made apps and use geolocation services and machine learning to optimize routes and show our drivers the way. This combination ensures a great user experience, less traffic in the streets, and the attainment of high productivity goals at the same time.

The last mile

We provide a last-mile delivery platform for multiple carriers. Our business partners love it. Are you interested?
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